Davide Di Capua
MSc. EPF Architect, SIA

This blog resumes my work in architecture,
urbanism, industrial and graphic design, photography,
and all the things which can influence what i do,
think and believe trough my work.

Curriculum Vitae

Davide Di Capua

Architect EPF - SIA professional member

Master of Science in Architecture at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (MSc. in Architecture EPF)

born the june 16th 1987 in Morges (CH)

Ch. de Villars 22
CH-1030 Bussigny VD
Switzerland CH

0041 79 268 53 91


Higher education and Diplomas

Master of Science (MSc. EPF)in Architecture at the
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Diploma: Indian Point, a reconversion process for a nuclear power plant (NY, USA), under the direction of prof. Stefan Behnisch and Jacques Lévy
Bachelor of Science (Ba. EPF) in Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) with an extra course in Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne (ECAL)
General certificate of advanced education with a speciality in Mathematics/Physics and Applied Arts at Beaulieu College in Lausanne

Work experience

Student assitent for lapa studio prof. Harry Gugger (Laboratoire de la production d’architecture)Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)
Internship at agps.architecture ltd. (Angélil, Graham, Pfenniger, Scholl) in Zürich, ZH, Switzerland
Internship as a designer in Architecture at Montlaba Architects, inc, Santa Monica,
Part Time designer at Bertola & Cie Architecture in Switzerland

Volunteer experience

- Member of the ASAR (Association of the the student in architecture): Writer for the EPFL architecture newspaper “l’atelier”
- Director for conference ASAR 2011-2012
- Director and designer for the publication “MAP 12” and
the exhibition “Modèles réduits” in 2012 at the f’ar (forum of architecture in lausanne)
- Docent at the The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society, Victoria, Canada

Language skills

French and Italian
[Second Language]
English C1 (CAE) and German B1

Computer skills

AutoCad, Vector works, Power Cad
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Rhinoceros, Google SketchUp, Grasshopper, Cinema 4D, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Pages, Keynote


- Athens Lessons / teaching and research in architecture, Harry Gugger, laboratoire de la production de l’architecture (lapa), Institut d’architecture, Faculté ENAC, EPFL, 2011, ISBN 978-3-033-03113-5
- Le Nucléaire et la Ville, un programme pour la reconversion de la centrale nucléaire d’Indiana Point (NY,USA), Master thesis EPFL, 2012
- MAP 12, Master of Architecture Project, ASAR, EPFL,  2012, ISBN 978-2-8399-1079-8
- Essay “194X-9/11, American architects and the city”, architecture review ASAR “L’atelier” no 3, december 2011


- Best Of Architectural Design 2012, EPFL
- “Modèles réduits” – présentation des projets de Master en Architecture 2012 de l’EPFL, f’ar, avenue villamont 4, lausanne


Chronological Worklist

[Academic work]

Studio Ortelli - Urban stairs - semester 1 - 2006
Studio Ortelli - Low rise/ High density - semester 2 - 2007
Studio Zurbuchen-Henz - Living in the city of Renens / from the inside to the outside - semester 3 - 2007
Studio Zurbuchen-Henz - Living in the city of Renens / from the outside to the inside- semester 4 - 2008
Studio Rebelo - A contemporary art center in Rio de Janeiro - semester 5 - 2008
Studio Geninasca/Delefortrie - A soccer stadium, a mall and a parking in
Lausanne , site de la Tuilière - semester 6 - 2009
ENAC project - Urban Jam, forward memory / flows / territorial performance - Investigation of fluctuating boundaries - Lausanne - semester 6 -2009
Studio lapa (laboratoire de la production d’architecture)/Harry Gugger - Athens: City of immigrant, architecture of intergration - A urban constition for Athens - A village network - semester 7 - 2010
Studio lapa (laboratoire de la production d’architecture)/Harry Gugger - Athens: City of immigrant, architecture of intergration - A drama school and theatre - semester 8 - 2011
Studio lapa - ddp - digital design + production/Russel Loveridge, Harry Gugger - EPFL gateway - “lighthouse” 8 - semester 8 - 2011
ECAL/SHS industrial design - folding hanger/ bamboo bric/ hang-over (wood hanger)/ reel-lamp/ TTT (stool)/ clik-clak stool - 2007,2008,2009,2011
Master thesis (theory)/Jaques Lévy - Le nucléaire et la ville - semester 9 - 2011
Master thesis (project)/Stefan Behnish, Jaques Lévy - Indian Point: reconversion process for a nuclear power plant into a forum, a research and education center for industrial archeology and a conservation-exhibition space - semester 10 - 2012

[Professional work]

Montalba Architects, Inc. - Open competition - Collège de Béthusy- construction d’une nouvelle salle de gymnastique, d’une salle multi-usage et d’un APEMS - 2009
Montalba Architects, Inc. - Design Development - Mandeville Residence - 2009
Montalba Architects, Inc. - Construction Documentation, Construction Administration - Ridgeline Residence - 2010
Montalba Architects, Inc. - Construction Documentation - Nobu Malibu, Wolfgnang restaurant - 2010
agps.architecture -  Invited competition - Dietlimoos-Moos, Gebietsentwicklung Dietlimoos-Moos Adliswil, Adliswil, Zürich - 2010
agps.architecture -  Open competition - Operation center complex and control tower in Payerne  - 1st prize - 2010
agps.architecture -  Invited competition - Schulhaus Blumenfeld in Zürich-Affoltern - 1st prize - 2010
Bertola & Cie architecture -  Construction Design - 4 batiments de logements collectifs - pré-fleuri - 2012-2013

[Personal work]

Essay - 194X-9/11 Amerrican architects and the city - published in the architecture newspaper “l’atelier” - 2011
Exhibitions - “Modèle réduit”, f’ar, Lausanne - 2012
 Publications - MAP 12 (Master of architecture 2012) - 2012
Open competition - “Petzi et son petit frère” - Crissier, Collège de la Romanellaz - 2012
Open competition - Lausanne Jardins 2014, site no 6 - En suspens - 2012